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About Us

Our organization started as a grass roots group of local outdoor athletes interested in sharing our passion for our area and outdoor fitness with others. We felt that a great way to do with was through a triathlon right here in Frankfort. To move this forward, we partnered with the Frankfort-Elberta Area Chamber of Commerce and the Betsie Hosick Fitness Center.

It is our goal to engage young people, families and individuals to make healthy choices and live an active lifestyle so everyone can enjoy all that Northern Michigan has to offer. The 10-mile Classic Tri Up North Triathlon course is specifically geared toward beginners and those looking for a little motivation to become more active. In 2016 we introduced the 22 mile Challenger Course which is a competitive course for experienced athletes and relay teams.

The proceeds from the event are earmarked to support Youth Extra Curricular Activities, which improve the minds and bodies of our local young people. This year's proceeds are going to Benzie Central Schools "Back the Track", a fundraising project to restore the schools track. More information can be found at or their Facebook page